When it comes to anti-aging and taking action for your healthy longevity, there are 5 basic ideas to remember. Only 5 … as in, the five fingers on your hand. It’s that simple, and it makes good S.E.N.S.E.






5 Easy Steps for good health

Give yourself a hand for taking these steps! (Though you’re probably making a fist after that poor joke!)

Supplements are represented by - in keeping with the five fingers association game - the all-important thumb of this program. Our air and water and soil have become so polluted that the food quality is really low. Supplements supplement our food for our bodies. They help us get those valuable nutrients we need for anti-aging and have trouble getting from our food, into our systems so that our bodies can do what is natural for them – age well … age gracefully.

There are so many choices of supplements, and so much contradicting information that it can easily be overwhelming. Our team is all about simplifying. We’ve done the research for you, and we’re happy to share our information. Click on the Anti-Aging link below to contact us with any of your questions, comments and suggestions.

Click ‘SUPPLEMENTS’ at the bottom of the page to find out what our choices for the most important anti-aging supplements are.

Exercise is represented by the ‘pointer finger.’ It points to overall health. Getting enough exercise, without overdoing it, has many benefits. (It’s not a new idea; it’s just the first E in common SENSE!)

Exercise promotes wellness throughout your entire body. It can de-stress you and build your strength and stamina all necessary for anti-aging. It can be fun and exhilarating, as well as helping your whole body to function more optimally.

Your body is a beautiful, organic and intricate series of systems that all work together. To learn some simple body mechanics and tips for preventing injury, see our ‘EXERCISE’ section. (There are also some helpful hints for motivating yourself … IF you might need that!)


Nutrition is essential. It’s the center of your anti-aging plan. (And eating poorly is much like giving your body ‘the middle finger’, as we all know.)

Getting enough wholesome, organic food is a struggle, but if longevity and good health are your goals, it is imperative.

Improving the function of your digestion is also a very important part of your overall health, and nutrition plays a large part in this.

With this simple plan, you are learning how to support all your body’s different systems. They’re a team! Check out the ‘NUTRITION’ page for information on how you can serve your whole body.

Sleep is vital. During the night your body recharges, and if you’re not getting enough sleep, it really hurts the anti-aging process and you, on many levels.

Our culture is so go-go-go that we tend to forget how important it is to rest, especially after the busyness in our day. Learning to calm your mind and relax your body can really be a help for getting a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is represented by the ‘ring finger’ in this program. Hopefully, that will serve to give you a ‘ring-ring-ring’ wake up call (after you’ve had a good sleep of course) about how proper, uninterrupted sleep is integral to a long and healthy life.

Here are some strategies to help you get enough sleep each night, and some information on common sleeping problems. Don’t underestimate the value of ‘SLEEP’.

Emotional wellbeing – it’s the ‘pinky finger’ because we often de-prioritize the importance of our emotional health.

What are we talking about when we say, “Emotional wellbeing”? Good stress management, that’s what! Poor stress management leads directly to disease – the research is solid on this point.

Learning to take time for ourselves and our emotional processes is crucial to anti-aging. (After all, you’re probably having some feelings about aging, right?)

Centenarians tell us that keeping a positive attitude and an ability to laugh at one’s self (and one’s changes) has unlocked healthy longevity for them.

Click on the link for some ‘attitude tools’ designed to help you maintain mental health and ‘EMOTIONAL WELLBEING’ by managing your everyday stresses more effectively.

It’s time to take care of YOU – All Parts of You!

Use this plan to remember how simple and natural it is to age gracefully, with all your health intact. Every time you look at your hand, you can be reminded that you are taking steps (five of them) to secure a long, happy, healthy life. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Click on the Anti-Aging link if you would like to ask a question or make a comment or suggestion. We will be happy to hear from you.

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