by Tara Hart

Like most people, you are probably willing to plan for your future in terms of setting money aside to provide for you when you retire. But, what about your health? We all know that when we, or a loved one, are sick, money is not a priority.

It’s time to think of our future health like we do our Retirement Funds. We need to plan ahead, and, every day, put aside some health for the future. Because, what good is money in the future if we don’t have the body wellness to enjoy it?

What if we started to think of our body’s Retirement Savings Plans in terms of … am I

Ready to Stop Putrefying?

That is what’s really happening in our bodies over time: putrefaction – the rotting breakdown of decay. The colon and intestines become lined with decaying, undigested food. These rotting particles turn into toxins and start poisoning whole body systems.

This is why we age – because we’re toxic. We are rusting and rotting from the inside out! We need to ‘make a payment’ towards healing this corrosion, every single day.

The Best Investment

If you are eating well, sleeping well, minimizing stress, and getting exercise, you are ‘making some good payments’ towards your healthy longevity. But, when it comes to detoxifying your body’s systems, the best investment you can make is one that increases your glutathione levels.

As we age, our glutathione (GSH) levels diminish significantly – after 50, they can be frighteningly low (2% of normal!). If our levels are extremely low, this means we are not well equipped to detoxify, and we are more susceptible to disease, illness and all of the other ‘inevitable’ side-effects of aging.

As it pertains to aging, the word ‘inevitable’ can be taken right out of your vocabulary if you make regular deposits in your health account. Especially, deposits that raise your glutathione levels.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione (GSH) is your body’s most important anti-oxidant. It is naturally produced in every cell of your body, and it helps the hundreds of other anti-oxidants in your body to fight free radical damage.

Free radical damage is the #1 cause of the disease of Aging.

It also flushes toxins from your cells by attaching to a toxin and making it water-soluble. This means your body can excrete it much more easily. (Remember that detoxification is KEY for anti-aging.)

Glutathione is your most valuable asset in your body’s Retirement Funds, or in other words, your detoxification process.

A Significant Discovery!

Scientists and researchers were looking for natural ways to raise people’s cellular levels of glutathione. They knew that higher levels of glutathione conclusively lead to healthy aging, and work preventatively against the degenerative diseasesassociated with getting older.

However, they also knew that glutathione itself was a fragile molecule, and therefore couldn’t be taken orally with much result. It would just breakdown before it could do any good.

Scientists and researchers wanted to find a way to increase people’s GSH levels using a natural source. That way, the body would more readily accept and use it.

And, they did find a ‘whey’ – an un-denatured whey protein isolate.

All Wheys Are Not Created Equal

Most commercial whey protein products are denatured, meaning their bioactivity was destroyed by way of a heat process used for purification.

Through their countless hours of research, scientists discovered that if whey protein is not purified through heat (un-denatured), and is thus bioactive, it contains cysteine in abundance.

Cysteine is one of three amino acids that are the building blocks your body uses to make its own glutathione. The other two blocks are readily available from a healthy diet. Not so with cysteine. And, without all three amino acids, the body cannot produce glutathione.

So, when science discovered that cysteine existed in nature, in un-denatured whey protein, the missing piece of the puzzle was found. (Where there’s a will, there’s a ‘whey!’)

If you haven’t heard the ‘Hurrah!’ yet, you soon will because all over the world people are detoxifying their systems, recovering from disease and ‘banking’ on their healthy longevity by raising their cellular levels of glutathione with an un-denatured whey protein isolate.

It is easy to do your homework on glutathione because hundreds of articles about GSH are being written every month. You can check it out for yourself on PubMed or go to to avail yourself of the multi-million dollar research that is helping thousands of people plan for a long, healthy and vibrant future.

Are you ready to start investing in YOU?

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