by Tara Hart

There is now scientific evidence that raising your glutathione levels will improve your Parkinson’s symptoms. Thousands of people with PD are already experiencing these results. The most exciting discovery about glutathione is that it promotes cellular repair. This is beyond ‘managing your symptoms,’ it is actually repairing the damage that is causing your symptoms.

Glutathione is like the general or commander in chief of all the anti-oxidants in your body. It recharges the hundreds of other anti-oxidant soldiers that you have fighting for you. Glutathione provides the artillery and organizes the ‘charge!’ against the free radical attack. It is your most earnest ally in winning your fight against PD.

If you haven’t heard of glutathione, you’re not alone. Though hundreds of articles are published in prestigious medical journals every month (check them out for yourself on PubMed), glutathione is still relatively unknown. But not for long, because there’s no containing the excitement and enthusiasm of the people with PD whose lives are changing radically!

The Glutathione Discovery

Scientists and researchers call glutathione ‘the master anti-oxidant’ because of its potency and because its jobs are so imperative to a healthy body. Glutathione earns its title by:

  • neutralizing free radicals and repairing the cell damage already done,
  • regulating your immune system’s response,
  • detoxifyingyou and making the transport of those toxins out of your body easier,
  • recharging all of your other anti-oxidants so they perform optimally.

Recent research has analyzed the brain tissue of people with Parkinson’s, and scientists have found that the damage is consistent with extensive oxidative stress. Oxidative stress IS free radical damage. Basically, the brain tissue of people living with Parkinson’s, and other neuro-degenerative diseases, is rusting.

Fighting free radicals means fighting the rust. Glutathione is the master rust-fighter; remember it actually repairs cellular damage. And what this means for people with PD is that their symptoms can be greatly alleviated, and even reversed, if their glutathione levels are increased.

The ‘Whey’ to Raise Your Levels – Now It’s Easy

It used to be very expensive and inconvenient to raise your body’s glutathione levels. You’d have to go to the hospital and have intravenous treatments three or four times a week. It was effective but burdensome.

There is now a safe, easy and natural method of elevating the glutathione levels in your cells. Its effectiveness has been proven by scientists, researchers, physicians AND by people with PD who are experiencing increased freedom from their symptoms.

Where there’s a will, there’s a ‘whey.’ This new treatment is an un-denatured whey supplement.

‘Un-denatured’ means that the whey’s bioactivity is still intact. This is key. If a whey product has been heated in order to be purified, its bioactive qualities have been killed. If a whey product is sold in a pail or jar, it will only be a short matter of time before its bioactivity is oxidized (destroyed by contact with air).

Choosing your ‘whey’ back to health (oh the puns are countless!) means selecting a whey supplement that is a) un-denatured and b) individually packaged. If your whey is still bioactive, then it’s armed and ready to fight the free radicals that cause your cells to rust and die, and make your PD symptoms so devastating.

To read the science (without the scientific jargon) behind the effectiveness of un-denatured whey and how it raises your glutathione levels, go to:

It’s a new age of responsibility. The research is now at your fingertips. Avail yourself of the cutting-edge advances in PD research and then take action. You can take your life back from PD.

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