We all know what stress is, and it’s unavoidable but don’t let it control your emotional wellbeing.

Life is full of all kinds of stresses – big ones, little ones and everyday in between-sized ones. The point is not to focus on removing all the stress from your life (that’s impossible and is just going to make you MORE stressed-out) but to effectively deal with your stress and diminish its impact on your day-to-day life.

Emotional wellbeing is all about balance. The key to de-stressing is to balance all of your activities. Different kinds of quality times are like vitamins – you need them all to maintain your vibrancy.

  • Quality time with family
  • Quality time with friends
  • Quality time with your spouse
  • Quality time with just yourself

Each time-vitamin deserves your attention, and each will serve to improve your emotional wellbeing. A healthy emotional life, filled with healthy and fulfilling relationships, leads very naturally to a long and happy life.

Shortly we will have some tips on balancing your time, with self and with others, to help you create fun and ease in your relationships.

Thoughts, Attitudes and Emotions

Most of your thoughts lead to a feeling. And when you think/feel those thought/feelings year after year, they develop into attitudes.

A big part of aging gracefully is being willing to change how you think. This in turn changes how you feel and then consequently your attitude towards life is different.

You might need some outside help to deal with the reasons you have developed these thinking patterns. (They’re always Very Good Reasons why you started thinking in these ways in the first place.) Some of your attitudes may have come from very painful experiences and it’s important (painful but so beneficial) to get to the roots of your feelings.

As with aging, the point is not to fight the process but to look it square in the eye and accept it for what it is. Loving ourselves throughout all the phases of our lives is crucial to healthy longevity.

As you work through your emotional wounds, you will start to feel the freedom that your new choices afford you. You will see and feel that changing your attitude will change your life.

stress can harm your health


De-Stress – This IS Your Life

Learning how to manage your stress and take back healthy control of your life is the big solution to aging optimally.

Stress can (and will) eat your body alive. High stress leads to greater risk of heart attack, stroke and many other diseases and illnesses … plus it can be depressing!

Effective stress management (not the least of which is 'choosing your battles') will help you to enjoy every day more fully. And this is the most natural way to your emotional wellbeing.

Massage is also a natural way to experience relief from stress and will promote overall body wellness. We have researched some specific kinds of massage that can be of benefit to people who are interested in optimizing their health (and living a really long time!) Click on Massage for more details.

The centenarians lend us the wisdom of their longevity when they suggest that the secrets to their long lives are:

  • To be able to laugh at yourself (and laugh often!)

  • To accept your body throughout all of its changes (there are rewards to aging not only challenges!)

  • And to absolutely NOT sweat the small stuff

They seem to be saying: Enjoy Your Life.

We will have more information shortly for some strategies on coping with your stress and for slowing down (Whew! What a hectic pace our lives have!). You want a better quality of life? The answer is not Speed, but Depth.

If you take the time to care for your emotional wellbeing, you will probably be surprised at how immediate, and often, miraculous the results will be.

This is YOUR LIFE – Live it well … and for a long, long time.

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