Glutathione( GSH) is the Master Anti-oxidant. It is called this because it recharges all of the other antioxidants in your body.

"What is it?" you may ask. "If it is such an important substance, how come I’ve never heard of it?!"

Well, not to worry. Most people have not yet heard of Glutathione (pronounced gloota-thigh-on). However, that is about to change, big time,it is about to become the next ‘cholesterol’.

Do you remember, not so long ago, when none of us even knew we had such a thing as ‘cholesterol’ in our system, never mind what a serious health issue it can be?

Glutathione is naturally produced in every cell of your body, and many people have extremely low levels of this protein. It is crucial for protecting you from viruses and bacteria, promoting overall immunity and aiding in detoxification. These are all very important functions for everyone.

Well, Glutathione is a substance that your body naturally manufactures, too. And, as you are about to learn on the following pages, it is crucial to your health and very survival, it is the master anti-oxidant. Without it... you would die.

You may not have heard of Glutathione before, but many researchers, scientists and doctors sure have. In the past twenty years the volume of research has grown immensely. There are currently over 300 published reports per month released around the world - a total fast approaching 100,000! – on Glutathione and its role in aging, preserving health, and reversing the effects of disease, all the more reason it is called the Master Anti-oxidant.

Actually, an amazing number of illnesses have been linked with the lack of Glutathione, amongst a very large array of theoretical papers, bench top lab experiments, epidemiological studies, animal projects and - most importantly - clinical trials on humans.

The list of illnesses linked with the lack of Glutathione is long and would be hard to believe, except for the strength and credibility of the research. It has become clear that the role (GSH) plays in the immune response, detoxification and as a master anti-oxidant of the human body is extremely important. In fact the scientists now know that without it, your bodily processes would fail altogether.

Yes, thousands of articles have described how elevated GSH levels help fight health issues associated with aging, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cataract formation, macular degeneration, and even cancers.

With that kind of attention, it is only a matter of time before Master Anti-oxidant becomes a household word.

The point is, Glutathione (GSH) is a significant discovery in the field of health. It affects you and your health directly. You can use this discovery to improve your condition, and thus, your quality of life.

anti-oxidants benefits all athletes

Many athletes and bodybuilders have found that increasing glutathione levels has made a tremendous difference to their performance levels. While many other folks just do what is necessary to keep their levels up to have a healthy lifestyle.

Those statements may sound dramatic, but the fact is, there are people - right now, as you are reading this, who are suffering from many types of disease, who have been raising their Intracellular Glutathione levels and - experiencing DRAMATIC relief from their symptoms. The improvement is often so dramatic that some call it miraculous.

You can take an oral glutathione supplement but only a negligible amount will get into your bloodstream. Why? because glutathione can't pass from your stomach into your bloodstream.

The best way to raise your glutathione levels is to supplement your diet with an un-denatured whey product. Un-denatured means that the whey was not heated in the purification process.

Click on Glutathione to find out about the most effective way to increase your glutathione level with this Master Anti-oxidant supplement.

healthy old folks have good glutathione levels

Remember, you won’t find any folks in their 90’s with low levels of glutathione!

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