There are many theories about what causes MS. (Do scientists ever agree?) Most believe that the disease is caused by several factors:

  • Genetics
  • Free Radical Damage – Immune System Malfunction
  • Gender
  • Exposure to Heavy Metals
  • Bacteria/Viruses
  • Diet and Allergies


Genes are pieces of DNA. They contain the instructions for creating the proteins of which all living things are made. These 'recipes' have been in your family for generations.

MS is typically a disease affecting people of Northern European heritage. Other ethnicities are not as susceptible.

Scientists cannot say that genetics are the only factor in developing MS. If this were true, then the identical twin of a person with MS would always get the disease. Inherited genes can only determine who is vulnerable to the outside, environmental triggers.

Immune System Malfunction

When the infection-fighting cells start to attack healthy, normal cells, this is called an autoimmune disease. In MS, the fighter cells attack the protective coating of your brain and spinal cord.

It is not known why the immune system mistakenly turns on itself. The immune cells must be unhealthy in order for them to begin attacking healthy cells. A widely believed theory points to massive free radical damage within the system.


Women are affected by Multiple Sclerosis twice as often as men are. Why?

Immune cells known as T-cells regulate the body's response to MS. These T-cells produce a helper protein called cytokines. These cytokines are affected by sex hormones.

Scientists are researching how female and male hormones affect the cytokines. This research will help physicians create tailor-made therapies for each individual.

Exposure to Heavy Metals

There is a lot of research that supports exposure to heavy metals leading to many autoimmune diseases. This is one of the environmental factors associated with MS.

Mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminum enter the body through our respiratory and digestive tracts. They get inside through dental fillings, acid rain, contaminated water and sewage leaks. Our bodies don't know how to deal with these metals.

It is believed that these metals replace normal molecules in the myelin surrounding the brain and spinal cord. This leads to severe free radical damage, resulting in MS. And now, the immune system sees this tissue as foreign and attacks it. This breaks down the myelin even further.

People with MS who have been elevating their levels of glutathione are having success in moving out the heavy metal molecules. Glutathione (if levels are high enough) attaches itself to a toxic molecule and makes that molecule water-soluble, thus it is more easily transported out of the body via urine.

Read more about the Science behind glutathione.

Bacteria and Viruses

It has been suggested by many researchers that a history of severe infection sets the stage for developing MS. There is no definite proof of this however.

There are many viruses that inflame the myelin, as in MS. This is why researchers are so interested in the connection. Research continues into viruses such as Herpes, Measles, Rubella and Canine Distemper to see if there is a link to MS. The number of viruses you have been exposed to may be a factor.

Diet and Allergies

Many MS sufferers have been helped dramatically by a change in their diet. The testimonials point to different dietary vitamin supplements and also to a complete detoxification of their bodies.

Finding out what foods your body is allergic to and removing those items from your diet has been an important step for many people. If a food is not in harmony with your metabolism, it can harm your immune system. It can even destroy your white 'fighter' blood cells.

Diet revision can help slow or even halt the progression of MS. Each person's system is individual. Everyone has a different metabolism and particular allergies. Arming yourself with knowledge of your own unique system is an excellent strategy.

Glutathione is a powerful detoxifier of your body. Follow the link below to read about how people with Multiple Sclerosis are helping themselves by raising their intracellular levels of glutathione.


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