MS diagnosis

Being diagnosed with an “incurable” disease is not something for which anyone can be prepared. You are probably feeling extremely overwhelmed. Or you might be feeling relieved that someone has finally put a title to all of the symptoms you've been experiencing. In any case, it is shocking and it will take some time to adjust.

Being diagnosed with MS does not mean giving up the plans you have for your life. Living and coping with MS begins with understanding this disease.

Most importantly, know that there are many kinds of treatment and support available to you. Information is power.

An excellent suggestion is to find out as much as possible about:

  • Your own unique system

  • The treatment or treatments that will work best for you

  • The support available to assist you in your process

Your physician and/or your health professional can be of great help. It is a good idea to prepare a list of questions to ask. These could include:

  • What happens if I have a new symptom between appointments with you?

  • Are you available for advice or to answer questions between visits?

It is important to ask your doctor to help you make up a complete plan for dealing with MS. Ask about:

  • Nutrition and vitamins

  • Exercise

  • Alternative therapies to supplement the traditional treatment

Here are some FACTS about MS:

  • MS is absolutely not contagious.

  • MS is the most commonly diagnosed neurological disorder in young adults.

  • There is no cure for MS but there are many treatments that can ease some symptoms and delay the progress of the disease.

  • MS is not a mental illness.

  • Your disease will progress without treatment.

  • MS is not hereditary, though there is evidence that genes play a factor.

  • MS is more common in countries farther from the equator.

  • Approximately 2, 500, 000 people in the world have MS.

    The Multiple Sclerosis Society is dedicated to supporting people with MS. They are an excellent resource for assistance. Support groups for people living with MS are available in most areas. The more information you have about you and the unique way that this disease affects you, the more strength you will be able to find to fight MS.

    Go ahead and read through the information provided on this site. You will find plenty of content here to fill out your current knowledge base about Multiple Sclerosis, including treatment options, both traditional and new, as well as alternative and complementary.

    There's even one treatment that is having remarkable results with alleviating the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, thus giving back the lives of many who have been diagnosed with the disease, as we speak!

    It is safe, effective and natural.

    Click on MS-Diagnosed Recently? to read more about it.

    The research into treatments, prevention and curing this debilitating disease is ongoing and well-funded.

    This is the Information Age and so it is up to you to find out all that you can about MS and about the wide variety of alternative and traditional treatments available.

    You CAN get this disease under control and an integrated treatment program is your best bet.

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