New Science Will Help You To Reach Your Anti-Aging Goals

There are over 90 million Baby Boomers in North America alone. They are educated. They lead hectic lives, and they are entering mid-life. They were fit in their younger years and are determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle as they mature.

We are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about your health and providing you with the most recent advances in science and development. Our commitment is to assist you in reaching your goal of a long, healthy and disease-free life. Here is what we have most recently discovered:

The immune system, with its ability to dispatch the necessary means to battle any and all attackers, is where the scientists have focused their intense research and development. They discovered the ‘workhorse’ of the immune system to be glutathione (which you can read about on many of the other pages of this site.)

More than a decade of research led to the development of a product (the specific un-denatured whey protein that we mention on other pages) capable of naturally boosting levels of glutathione and increasing the immune system’s ability to defend you against illness and disease.

Scientists have now isolated specific molecules of Cytokine Modulating Proteins (CMP*). These proteins:

  • Assist the body to manage normal cellular growth

  • Work with the body to repair damaged cells

  • Provide increased Lactoferrin to inhibit the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms

Basically these advances in science will help your body to become an improved environment – a better Repair Station. By optimizing your immunity towards viruses, germs, oxidants and other contaminants in our air, water and food, you can improve your quality of life and make that quality LAST LONGER.

The second addition to the already powerful un-denatured whey blueprint is to further enhance the anti-oxidation properties with a Redox Modulating Formula (or RMF) to:

  • Help neutralize acid production from high protein intake

  • Slow down the loss of calcium

  • Improve the body's metabolism of insulin, providing increased energy and more effective weight maintenance

  • Improve mood, energy, well-being, alertness, concentration and clarity

Exciting! Blending these breakthroughs has produced unparalleled results in supercharging the body’s ability to defend itself against the enemies of longevity and good health.

Take advantage of the multi-million dollar research done by brilliant scientists and commit to your own healthy longevity.

Baby Boomers have demanded new science and access to the latest scientific discoveries. Researchers are meeting the mark and filling the needs of the boomers by providing incredible advances in anti-aging technologies.

Until recently, the medical establishment focused on treating the symptoms of illness. Consequently, surgery and prescription drugs became increasingly popular. The cost of healthcare spiraled completely out of control.

This kind of thinking does not address the cause of the disease in the first place. The solution to a longer, healthier life is not in masking the symptoms and ignoring their cause, but giving the body what it needs to function optimally.

As new discoveries are made, they are incorporated into existing technologies, resulting in cutting edge products.

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