This is the third step of this simple anti-aging plan. With good nutritional choices, portion control and a detoxification program, you are arming your body against age-related diseases. Those symptoms that are associated with so-called normal aging (such as memory loss, wrinkles, osteoporosis and increased risk of heart disease and cancers) are:

  1. NOT normal and
  2. CAN be fought with proper diet and a few key supplements.

Excellent Nutrition Protects Your Body

As millions of studies have proven, people who eat lots of fruits and vegetables age well, their incidence of heart disease and cancers is much lower, and they aren’t overweight (which can lead to many other problems.) Bottom line: Good nutrition enhances your longevity. Well, it’s not new but it is true: eating 8 servings of fresh fruits and veggies per day is so important.

a nutritious diet contributes to good health

Click on Eating Healthy for some thought-provoking reminders of why vegetables and fruits support our bodies to better health and more graceful aging.

Healthy Weight Maintenance and Portion Control

If you want to live longer and be healthy throughout, maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising portion control, are two important aspects.

The more you reduce your intake of unnecessary calories, the better – for all your body’s internal systems and for your weight. This doesn’t mean to exclusively eat less food, but rather to replace those harmful foods with nutritious foods. As you continue to eat foods that are rich in nutrients, and eat less foods that are high in sugar, starches and bad fat, you will reduce your risk of all age-related diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, memory loss and lowered immunity.

You still do want to get lots of those healthy fats in your diet – Omega 3s. Getting your good fats from fish, avocadoes and nuts is a good option. You may want to supplement with flaxseed oil or cod liver oil (recommendation: ‘Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil’… it’s lemony - doesn’t taste fishy!); both are great sources of Omega 3. Make sure to eat cold-water fish that have been certified to be as free as possible of toxins, such as mercury.


Something else to remember is the importance of detoxifying your body. (Here we go! We’re going to talk about the health of your bowels!)

Due to the alarming fact that our water, food, air and soil supplies are polluted, our bodies are filling up with toxins; this leads to extensive free radical damage. Detoxification is a very important part of maintaining the health of all your internal organs. Detoxifying doesn’t have to be scary; it can be simple, and the results might just astound you.

Do some research, beginning with the materials on this site. We have done a lot of the research for you. Then, try a simple cleanse. It’s likely that you will be shocked by how good you feel.

Good digestion, proper elimination (and ease of elimination) are all big parts of your nutrition program. Raising your glutathione levels by supplementing with an un-denatured, bioactive whey product will help immensely with your nutrition, detoxification and anti-aging goals.

Glutathione aids in regulating your immune response (keeping you free of disease), is your body’s most powerful antioxidant (fights free radical damage that leads to premature aging, age-related disease and early death) and promotes natural detoxification of every single cell.

Click on the Nutrition link to learn more about glutathione and the recent discoveries around cellular repair and anti-aging.

Make It Easy on Yourself

Good nutrition can be simple. Go easy on yourself as you modify your life style, and begin eating food that is healthier for you. Fruits and vegetables are your allies. They, and a few important supplements, provide all the nutrition you need to fight age-related illnesses.

Don’t forget to validate yourself when you are taking the time to eat well. But also be forgiving of yourself when you slip … on the empty chocolate bar wrapper that just fell out of your pocket!

Moderation – it’s not boring, it’s your key to Aging Gracefully.

Emotional Wellbeing
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