Tai Chi is also a moving meditation. It has been gaining in popularity as people are experiencing relief from their back and neck pain as a result of these exercises.

You perform a range of gentle physical movements and breathing techniques, with mental and spiritual intent. This allows you to experience a meditative state.

Tai Chi originated in China and it is based on the movements and ideas behind an ancient Chinese martial art called Tai Chi Quan.

Tai Chi Master

Both of these ancient practices can calm you and rejuvenate you at the same time, while also assisting your body and mind to maintain balance. They will both exercise your body, mind and spirit, as well as your internal organs, and can improve digestion and arthritis pain.

These types of exercises are not jarring to your body and so are perfect for an anti-aging program (and person!) The movements are designed to be slow, deliberate and flowing. Nice and easy, and it’s still good exercise? You bet.

Besides the easy pace of these exercises (also good for getting back into the ‘swing of the exercise thing’), Yoga and Tai Chi are both group activities, and being in a social setting is great for your brain’s health.

Both of these kinds of exercising environments not only improve your mental wellness, but they offer a group experience AND some alone time with yourself. The Yoga and Tai Chi exercises will require you to focus on your own breathing and your own body, and yet you’ll be participating while in a group. (Yup, both your ‘alone time’ and ‘quality time with others’ can be fulfilled at once!)

Because the focus of both of these kinds of ‘moving meditations’ is on overall body, mind and spirit, you will find that you will be sleeping better, feeling better AND exercising! (That’s 3 out of the 5 fingers of the Simple Anti-Aging Plan!)

Learn something new and meet some new people – let yourself be surprised at how you good you can feel.

Getting older does not have to mean getting stiffer, achier and more falling-downish. You can age more gracefully, with a stronger, more supple body and a relaxed heart and mind.

Try out Tai Chi and let your healthy body speak for itself.

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