There are all kinds of whey protein supplements available in your health food stores. However, all whey proteins are not created equal. Of course, all whey is nutritious. But, not all are bio-active.

ONLY un-denatured whey is bio-active.

You see, commercial milk is heat-pasteurized and homogenized – and thus, denatured.

These processes destroy the bio-activity in the whey. It is the whey’s bio-activity that has all the value. Un-denatured whey gives your body the necessary ingredients to fight premature aging, illness and disease.

Superior whey products are processed in a manner that retains their bioactivity. And, they therefore still have the all-important cystine intact. Other wheys may be denatured and/or packaged in a way that allows the whey to oxidize, thereby losing its bio-activity.

So, when you go to the health food store and buy a big pail of whey product, you are buying a nutritious product... but not a bioactive product.

Even if it was un-denatured to begin with, which is unlikely, it won't stay that way. As soon as you open it, the whey's bio-active ingredients will start to oxidize, and within a couple of days it will become denatured.

The whey product needs to be vacuum-packed in portions that can be used immediately. It is extremely important to get the right whey product in order to produce results.

Why Is Cystine So Crucial?

The double-bonded cystine is the most-needed amino acid (because it’s the hardest to get from food) that is imperative to produce glutathione.

Glutathione is your body’s Master Antioxidant.

Un-denatured whey that is bioactive is a bountiful source of the crucial cysteine-cysteine linked molecules.

If the whey is undenatured (bioactive) and individually packaged, the two cysteine molecules that are linked together in the raw milk, remain bonded.

Cysteine molecules that are not linked will not make it from our stomachs into our cells. Cystine is absolutely required in every cell in order to produce the all-important glutathione.

Only un-denatured whey protein will increase the levels of glutathione in your cells. And, we know that is significant, because Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant… a detoxifier…. a cell-repairer… and a re-charger of all the other antioxidants.

Whey protein can raise the levels of Glutathione in your body, therefore every cell in your body becomes stronger.

This makes Glutathione the crucial antioxidant for promoting overall healthy longevity.

Scientists have done many studies on methods of raising those Glutathione levels. There are certain drugs and drug therapies that have had positive results.

But, today there is a product that will raise Glutathione levels without pharmaceutical drugs. That product is the un-denatured whey protein we are discussing here.

At the moment, we know of only one whey product on the market that meets the above requirements, and it is the only product that has a ‘method of use’ patent. This is a difficult patent to get, contrary to regular patents which are usually just patents of formulation.

‘Method of use’ patents are only given to products that have proven that they can do what they claim to do.

As you can understand, this is an extremely important point when considering the purchase of a product.

You can change how you live your life. Now that you know how, take the next step and get the information you need to get started!

To maintain your health, and help slow down the aging process, or alleviate a health problem, you need to get the only formulation that can help. All wheys are not created equal!

WHAT IS WHEY, EXACTLY? For the answer to that question, click on this un-denatured whey link.

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